Choosing Backpacks for Kids

From the time a kid turns to the age that he is required to go to school, a parent needs to start shopping for the things indispensible for a schooling kid. Among others, a parent has to start shopping for backpacks for kids. But before doing so, there are factors to be considered in buying a backpack. Some of these factors are important, some are optional but all these things can and will certainly help in achieving an ideal school experience for kids.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Backpacks For Kids

The design is very important. If adults look for the best brand, the most durable make and the fashionable appearance in a bag, for kids, it is the design that really matters. Kids want to feel cool. They want to look like they know what is in and what is out. They usually want nothing else but to belong. The above mentioned may be achieved and be done by choosing the right design for backpacks for kids.

What the best design is for backpacks for kids depends on their age and what their age group consider as nice and cool. For those in preschool, cartoon characters may be the best and safest design they can have on their backpacks. These could be Disney characters, characters from cartoon network or from nickelodeon, and the like. For these ages, it may be best to choose the colorful designs and those that show pictures of famous and fun characters on TV.

For kids who are in 1st grade and up, it would be advisable to ask them their opinion. It would be a great idea to take them shopping. Grade school years are when fear, embarrassment, shame, trauma, etc. develop. Parents would not want to cause any of that by buying their kids backpacks that will subject them to bullying and to ridicule.

Capacity is a big and helpful factor to take into account. Kids have many subjects in school. For every subject, they could be required to bring a couple or so books. Buying backpacks for kids smaller than what is required for them to fit everything in will just make their daily school experience harder than it already is.

The ideal backpacks for kids is the kind that is big enough for all books to fit and has enough number of pockets to place all pens, eraser, markers, rulers, snacks, water container and the like.

The kids may not care about this but parents should – material. The material for backpacks for kids is a factor that may not matter for the kid who will be using it, but for parents who should know better, this must be taken into account when shopping for a backpack.

Backpacks made of nylon and polyester are typically of good quality. These materials can endure normal wear and tear and they are strong enough to carry as much as it can contain. Also, since kids can be careless at time, it would help if the backpacks for kids are washable.

It was mentioned above that backpacks for kids must be large enough to carry everything that is needed to carry. While this is a helpful tip, it must be considered together with this – the height of the kid.  A bag that is too small will cause it to burst if the kid has a little too many to bring. It may also cause the kid to carry a separate bag just to be able to bring everything. This should not be the case. But while being careful not to buy a bag that is smaller than necessary, it is also imperative not to buy one that is too huge for the height of the kid.

To make sure the size of the bag does not injure the kid’s back, it should not, as a general rule, be three or four inches below the kid’s waste when carried. When arranging the things to be carried, the kid should be instructed to put in the back part of the backpack the heaviest and the lightest in front. This is a basic packing rule that is applicable even when mountain climbing. This is so to avoid being out of balance, which may end up causing injury and embarrassment.

Rolling Backpacks For Kids

For grade school kids, an option not to carry a bag may be a great idea. Kids have to bring a lot of books and notebooks on a daily basis. When not properly carried, backpacks for kids may cause back injuries or other accidents. To prevent such, rolling backpacks for kids may be purchased.

Rolling backpacks for kids is a kind of backpack that gives two carrying options. One is that it can be used as a backpack. Another is that it can be pulled or pushed as it has a retractable long handle and has wheels.

These kinds of bags are good for kids in grade school. Probably not so advisable for high school students, though. When choosing a rolling backpack, the same things should be consider. The quality of it should be a big factor. To know what kind is most reliable, one has to consider the material used and the brand. Brands maintain a certain reputation and most of the time, the reputation attached to their names are reliable enough.

Just like any other backpacks for kids, when choosing a rolling backpack, it would be good to choose one that is washable and one that has designs suitable for the age and gender of one’s child.

Compared to the world of the grownups, the world of the kids may seem as hard. The parents have long finished their schooling years that they often forget that those years during those times were not the easiest. If parents could help the kids in anyway to come out of pre-school, grade school and high school, strong, proud and not traumatized, then they should do it. Among many other things, choosing the right backpacks for kids is a big help.